Best way to sync between two machines?

I believe I was able to get rclone working with proton drive.

My reason for using it is to sync a passwd file between two machines so I'm trying to understand how best to do this.

If i understand this right, each time I make edits to the pw file, I need to copy it to proton drive and when I get to the other machine, I need to remember to pull it down if I want the updates. Every time I edit the pw file, I copy on one machine to proton drive and download on the other.

Is that the correct way of sync'ing a file between two machines with rclone or is there an easier way?

Use right tools for the job.

Use rclone to sync your data to/from some cloud - like in your case to store pw file on proton drive.

Use proper syncing software to sync data between computers e.g. syncthing

Another thing is that proton drive support is still in beta - I would not use it for anything serious at the moment.

In my (totally biased*) opinion, this is a great use case for rclone bisync.

On both machines, you just set up a bisync between a local path and your Proton Drive remote, and schedule it (like with cron) to repeat.

Note that bisync is in beta (but so is Proton Drive, so I'm guessing that won't bother you.)

(*this answer is biased as I'm the bisync maintainer :smile:)

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