Best way to resume copy?


i’m backing up a large folder to ACD with rclone copy /source/dir remotecrypt:/backup/
After a few days of uploading I paused (interrupted) the transfer with CTRL+C

A few days later i want to resume it, what is the best way to resume? :

  1. rclone copy /source/dir remotecrypt:/backup/
  2. rclone sync /source/dir remotecrypt:/backup/

If i understand correctly the only difference would be that #2 would also remotely remove files, IF any files would have been deleted locally. So basically if no files would have been deleted locally both #1 and #2 would do the same thing. Is that correct?

Thanks… :slight_smile:

yes that is correct.

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Sorry for my poor english :wink:
I try to restore a backup from Hubic. A big file :o( 25Go
But rclone copy command always failed with an unexpected EOF.
The problem come surely from the connection to Hubic. The error happened randomly, and when rclone retry, it tells that sizes differ and so it start from beginning.
Is there any option to resume the copy from size already downloaded ?
Thank you very much.

Not at the moment, though I hope to have one soon.

It would be great :slight_smile: should i open an issue in github ?

I see you’ve already found

That issue should fix it :smiley: