Best way to mount multiple remote storages through proxy


Please advise on the best possible way to mount multiple Dropbox accounts on the same machine.

I would like to use rclone to mount five different accounts, but I do not want to access them all through the same IP. Instead, I would like to set one proxy IP per single mount. Ipv6 proxy would be the best.

After searching for a solution online, I found that using 5 rclone docker mounts would be the easiest solution. Is that correct?

I simply plan to add below in every single docker run command:

--env HTTP_PROXY=""
--env HTTPS_PROXY=""

I am concerned about accessing multiple accounts from the same IP, as I have encountered issues in the past and had to contact Dropbox support to have my clients accounts unbanned.

If I use rclone without mount (just for file copy), would the following command be correct or do I need to specify that rclone uses IPv6 only? My copy command would be as follows:

env http_proxy= rclone copy a:foo b:bar

Any help would be really appreciated.

Thank you!

If you want to see what rclone is doing then add -vv --dump headers onto the command line. The HTTP transactions will then appear in the log and you can see which proxy rclone is using by looking at them.

I think that is correct.

This command looks OK, but if using bash I'd do (no need for the env command)

http_proxy= rclone copy a:foo b:bar

Whether rclone uses IPv4 or IPv6 to contact the provider will depend on the proxy. If you want to specify an IPv6 connection to the proxy you'd use http://[::0]:1087 I think provided the proxy is running on localhost. Or use its IPv6 address in the [] otherwise.

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Thank you for the explanation. :slight_smile: :+1:

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