Best settings for Hubic?

Hey all, I am using an encrypted container on Hubic to store about 8TB of media files. It’s running pretty slowly: I can’t get more than about 2mb per sec, which means it’s going to take a loooooong time to copy the data over.

Any tips on speeding it up? The only thing I have found that speeds it up a bit is using multiple transfers (current running 30), as each transfer seems to get bandwidth limited somewhere along the way. Are there any settings I am missing?

The bandwidth is limited to 10 Mbit/s upstream and downstream. The connection speed also depends on the quality of the
Customer’s internet connection.


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Thanks. I wasn’t getting anywhere near 10 Mb/s, so it wasn’t them limiting. It must have been something twixt me and them. I eventually got so sick of it I gave up and started using GDrive, which gives me a very consistent 8-9 Mb/s.

10mbit = 1200kbit/s = 1.2Mb/s
you said gdrive = 8-9mb/s it means somewhere near 10000kbit/s. = 80-90mbit/s

also you might get it wrong as you write 10mb/s is 10times faster than 10mbit/s thats the reason you dont get anywhere near 10mb/s.
get hubic 2Mb/s is already over the limit, you should get 1.2Mb/s MAX. you get very good speed! 8Tb will take about a 3-4weeks maybe even more.

Hubic work ? I have error 500 :frowning:

Works for me, webpage and rclone copy.

Thanks ! I find my error… I need to write default folder in configuration Hubic:default

Can I double my transfers with any proxy (vpn)? One rclone instance directly from HubiC and the other via proxy.