Best settings for Gdrive to Onedrive File Copy

My setup using GDrive and Onedrive togather:

  • using personal client id and secret keys for both GDrive and Onedrive

  • Have copied shortcut from Goo-TeamDrive to gDrive personal

  • I can access the files on the shortcut

  • rinning this command to transfer/copy files from gdrive (personal) to onedrive (personal):
    rclone --drive-server-side-across-configs -vP "gdrive:/teamdrive-shortcut" "onedrive:/from-gdrive"

  • I am able to see the files transfer from the gdrive-teamdrive-shortcut-folder to the onedrive-from-grive-folder

  • no errors reported

However the max.speed for this transfer is 8.5MBps
I was reading somewhere on the forum that users are seeing in excess of 100MBps speeds by using some flags or tags.

What would be the proper settings to be used for this copy method

hello and welcome to the forum,

--drive-server-side-across-configs will do nothing for you, so you can remove it.

it depends

  • on the speeds for your internet connection
  • the mix of small and large files, if you have a lot of small files, then average transfer speed will be slower.

better to post the text, not screenshots.

What's your internet speed? (In particular upload)

I have a GDrive and Onedrive (For Business) that I sync daily using my Gbit connection. I basically keep OneDrive as a failover in case Google ever goes down (I've switched a couple of times and works like charm) with the following command in cron:

rclone sync GDrive: COneD: --transfers=2 --checkers=2 --onedrive-chunk-size 160M --log-level INFO --log-file /rclone/GtoO.log 2>&1

the last part: 2>&1 simply makes sure nothing is displayed when running the command to avoid cron making a mail, and I log everything to a file where I can check every now and then to make sure nothing is broken.

I noticed 160M for chunk-size works pretty good and is a multiple of OneDrive and Google factors so it works either way I need to sync.

I keep the transfer number low as I'm sometimes using the same client id for my mount.

Be sure to use Chunker with OneDrive if it's for business as file size limit is 15GB which might be a problem depending on your setup.

Finally, once a month I login to OneDrive and delete the trash sometimes as I arrange my data etc. recycle bin adds up and takes space. Can't be done from rclone so need to manually do it.

Otherwise it works pretty well and usually get over 100mbps transfers, as I sync daily, there is not a lot of data to sync (sometimes nothing) so it takes around 5-10 minutes.

Hope this helps.

Note that is 8.5 Mbyte/s which is more or less 70 Mbit/s. What is your local internet bandwidth compared to this?

My local connection is 300mbps
Anyways i tried this on a seedbox (ultraseedbox) where running a wget command i can see a burst and speed of 100MBPS to 120MBPS
however running the below rclone copy command, the max I can get is 30MBPS

command - running:
rclone copy "gdrive:/team-drive-shared-folder/folder01" "onedrive:/from-gdrive/folder01" -vP

Pls advise

from your log,

2811 files need to be transferred

gdrive can be slow for many small files.

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