Best settings for GD mount read speed?

Hi all,

In your experience, what are the best settings to use on a Google Drive mount to maximise read speeds? Small number of large files (between 20 and 50 files - 350GB each) on each mount. I’m getting 15-30MB a second at the moment, across 48 mounts, maxing out at about 850MB/s. Any advice on how I could increase this?

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I’ve looked into Google API v2 and v3 - using the v2 flag makes no difference.

There are some general things you can try, for example increasing --buffer-size.

It is in general quicker to use rclone copy to copy the file to local storage than copy it from rclone mount - that may not be appropriate for what you want to do though.

Which OS are you on?

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I’m on Ubuntu. Yes it’s definitely the mounts that I need for my use case.

It might be worth giving the latest beta a go too - we've been working on mount speed recently!

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