Best rclone settings for Sonarr/Radarr/Emby on a remote dedi

Hi guys. I currently have nearly 200TB on Gdrive and have been using rclone for years just for radarr and sonarr, Emby has always used Plexdrive as it worked well for my setup was supported at the time I set it up years ago. The server has aging hardware that has gone astronomical in price so I plan to move to something faster and newer. This time I plan to use a single mount for sonarr, radarr and emby. What would my mount command look like, I've not kept up with rclone. My current mount command is
rclone mount --allow-other gdrive: /mnt/rclone-d --dir-cache-time 96h --drive-chunk-size 32M --log-level INFO --log-file /opt/rclone/logs/rclone.log

My old drive mount looked like:

If you have something that is working well, why change it? :slight_smile:

Here is mine, hope it helps, try it.



ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone mount gcrypt2: /mnt/raid5/gdrive2
--config /home/xxx/.config/rclone/rclone.conf
--log-level INFO
--log-file /home/xxx/gdrive2.log
--dir-cache-time 1000h
--poll-interval 15m
--vfs-cache-mode full
--vfs-cache-max-size 1500G
--vfs-cache-max-age 1440h
--buffer-size 24M
--bwlimit-file 30M
#--async-read=false \

ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -uz /mnt/raid5/gdrive2


Thank you kindly folks

Migrated to my new server (i9-9900, 128GB ram, 2x 1TB NVME SSD in Raid :grin:) today and got rclone setup. The following is what I've ended up with sharing it here for others. I made my mount the same as what Emby was using which was /mnt/plexdrive5

Description=RClone Service
# /etc/systemd/system/rclone.service
Description=Google Drive (rclone)

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone mount \
        --config /opt/rclone/rclone.conf \
        --allow-other \
		--log-file /opt/rclone/logs/rclone.log \
		--log-level INFO \
        --cache-tmp-upload-path=/tmp/rclone/upload \
        --cache-chunk-path=/tmp/rclone/chunks \
        --cache-workers=4 \
        --cache-writes \
        --cache-dir /tmp/rclone/vfs \
        --cache-db-path /tmp/rclone/db \
		--vfs-cache-mode full \
		--vfs-cache-max-size 400G \
		--vfs-cache-max-age 5000h \
		--vfs-cache-poll-interval 5m \
        --no-modtime \
        --drive-use-trash \
        --stats=0 \
        --checkers=8 \
        --dir-cache-time=5000h \
        --allow-non-empty \
        --cache-info-age=60m gdrive:/ /mnt/plexdrive5
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -u /mnt/plexdrive5


There's is a lot to not use in there.

That's only used for the cache remote so can be removed.

That tends to break Plex/Emby scanning so not recommended.

Does nothing on a mount.

Not recommended unless you are in a very particular use case.

Again, only used for the cache remote.

Okay,. thanks I'll sort the shortly

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