Best rclone settings for emby/jellyfin

Hello, im new to this world. I would like to know what is the fastest method between rclone, plexdrive and other services like that to watch movies and TV series from gdrive. I would like to let a movie (without transcoding) of about 30 gb starts in about 3/4 seconds. How can I do? I prefer to encrypt all the content. I can also transcode but the priority for now is to start watching a movie in the fastest way.

Ah, I have 700mbit in download and 400 in upload. So I'm not gonna bottleneck. I want that films start in 3/4 sec in local WiFi.

Check @Animosity022's settings @ Recommended Google Drive and Plex Mount Settings.

TLDR; Start with the defaults and only change them if necessary.

But I don't want API bans. Will I get ban if I do a 10tb scan?

How fast will I go with standards?

There is no such thing as an API Ban. API Rate Limits exist but rclone handles them gracefully and doesn't result in any ban as such.

There is also a download limit per day but you shouldn't hit that with the default values.

What do you mean by how fast? Streaming generally starts in a couple of seconds with the defaults.

I bet your wifi is slower than your ISP connection and that It could be a bottleneck

you would have to test it to know for sure....

And do i Need to try using plex drive? I just want that the files starts in the fastest way possible.

never used plex drive,

Yesterday I tried rclone + crypt with gdrive. I was very satisfied: I could play without problems all the 4k video from until 120mbit. At this bitrate It started lagging. I'm very satisfied (I also tried with 2 device at the same time and it was fine). I was in Lan. There is something I can do? During the afternoon I will try also plexdrive to see how it works. I used the standard mount settings (rclone mount gdrive: /mnt/gdrive --allow-other). Can I change some setting to go faster? I am satisfied from what I get but if I can optimise would be better. There is only one problem (?), I used 780 queries: is it good ? Do I need to optimise to not lead to API ban?

can you post a speed test of your internet connection?

and post the rclone config file and rclone command?

I don't know how to post files and IMG so I will write all. My speed is around 600up 200down. I mounted with the default: rclone mount gcrypt: /mnt/gcrypt --allow-other . That's it. I just want to know if I can optimize in some way. I can play good until 120 Mbits, how can I optimise also the opening file speed? I will post the config file as soon as I know how. I created the rclone drive with 1. Drive type, all default with my own API keys. 2. Crypt a remote, all default with my passwords and my salt key.

Just write if you need other and thanks for all the help you are giving to me

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