Best practise to backup on Google Storage and AWS S3

Hi guys
i'm new to rclone and i'm trying to find if this suits my needs.

We have some Compute instances on Google Cloud and, in addition to the automatic snapshots, we would like to add a remote backup to Google Storage AND Amazon S3

i'm able to backup files with rclone, but:

  1. this creates A LOT of files on a bucket, i think it's normal as i'm backing up the full server.
  2. I would like to create something incremental or with multiple snapshots.

What do you suggest ? is possible to create a remote "archive" (not something that I have to tar locally) ending in a single (or a small number) remote file ?

What do you suggest to keep, in example, 30 days of backups without having to backup the full server every day ?

rclone is not a backup program. It is utility program to copy/move/sync data between locations (local or in the cloud).

It can be part of a backup solution and indeed some backup programs like restic or kopia use rclone to connect to some cloud provider.

What you described in your post is not possible by using rclone alone.

Best practice is to use the right tools for the job. Look for backup software which meets your requirements.

Thank you. now it's more clear knowing that rclone is not a backup program.

Do you have some suggestions or experience with cloud backup tools ?

in open source space as I said have a look at restic/rustic or kopia.

kopia seems interesting. i'll give it a try

conceptually they are all the same - I would not have any issue using any of them. But they differ in terms of details. The best is to try and choose what the best meets your requirement.

veeam backup and replication has a free version, which i have used for years.

it is not open source but for backups, i want the best product.
it will backup, physical machines, virtual machines in hyper-v, vmware as well as cloud servers and has great recevoery options such as instant restore.

the nice thing, each backup is a single portable file that never changes, making it easy to copy with rclone.

both use encrypted archive. you need a key/certificate to restore files.
So, another question would be: how (and were) would you safely store these keys? Obviously not stored on a file on the same server being backuped ...

It is the same problem with any program including rclone. There is no simple answer for this question.

Hi Gandalf,

I would suggest using a solutions like Veeam Backup and Replication or any cloud based backup solution which you could integrate using Amazon S3, Networker could be one of them as well.

Regarding Rclone i don't think for what ive read is intended for backup scenarios, rclone at its core is a bad ass software to transfer delta informatión to the cloud as perfect as possible among other stuff.



hi, good point.

yes i agree, but rclone is great for copying/veeam backup files around the internet.

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