Best practice for mounting with sftp

Hi just had a few questions on how some of these options work.

I'm working with a sftp mount and am trying to figure out whats the best way to get updates as close to real time as possible. Im not limited by google or some other cloud storage provider, so whats the best way getting around that difference in mount and my remote file listings?

I read that --polling isn't supported for sftp mounts, am I limited to --dir-cache-time? What happens after --dir-cache-time runs out? Does it poll for changes across the entire mount? Since I own the hardware I don't mind it continuously scanning for updates every 30 seconds...

Is --vfs-cache-poll-interval also not available for sftp mounts?

Yes - that's correct.

No, what happens is when the directory is requested again by the OS it will reach out to the server to fetch it rather than using the cached version.

--vfs-cache-poll-interval is to do with removing stale objects from the cache. You probably don't need to change it.

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ncw did not mention it, so maybe i am confused but you can refresh the vfs dir cache manually.
--- add --rc to the mount command.
--- and when you want to refresh, run
rclone rc vfs/refresh recursive=true -vv

So does this mean my only option of pulling a up to date dir list is via vfs/refresh on a sftp mount)

Are there any options to increase the speed of a refresh? Currently takes around a minute.

Really just looking for advice.

as far as i know,


no, as --fast-list does not work on a mount
tho can refresh just a dir, not the whole mount.

I'm using this to scan individual dir's when I want to import new stuff. But because my vfs/refresh is behind by a few minutes (cron runs it every 5 mins) it won't see it there.

I guess my final question would do I just run vfs/refresh continuously via cron and call it a day?

well, no idea as i run a very simple setup.
maybe somebody else can comment.

i have a seedbox and run a local emby server.
emby accesses the seedbox, same as you, a rclone mount pointing to a sftp server.

i manually add files, run rclone vfs/refresh, then run emby scan

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