Best practice for 110TB+ Google Drive and Jellyfin?

Hi all, I have a 110TB+ Google Drive that is currently going fine with Plex using the PGBlitz/PlexGuide version of plexdrive

I'm now switching to Jellyfin because of the ongoing degradation (commercialization) of Plex and I am building out a new server for it (Plex and Jellyfin will run simultaneously until I'm satisfied with its performance, but on different servers (for reference both of them are on 10Gb lines and the new server has its own GDrive ClientID setup for it's use)

Anyways, im trying to setup everything without relying too heavily on scripts similar to PlexGuide as some of you may know it was abandoned sometime ago. Years ago before I found PlexGuide i tried to use RClone when the Gdrive was around 15 TB or so and even then I was getting constant API bans when Plex was doing its initial scan and things, thats when i switched to PlexGuide.

Now its grown to 110TB+ with over 600 shows and thousands of movies, has rclone solved or introduced features to prevent the api bans and handling of other limits? or is plexdrive (independently) still the way to go for such a large library? or is there a better alternative? Thank you!

I'd imagine the majority of folks on the rclone forum use rclone.

What does this mean? I've never seen an API ban.

What other limits?

I think you mean you hit quotas and you'd been talking somewhere like 4 years ago in 2018 before chunked reading was a thing in rclone. Since chunked reading was introduced, I've not had any problems.

That's pretty small from what people post around here as many folks have hundreds of TBs / closing in PB of data.

At the end of the day, use whatever works best for you.

If Plexdrive meets all your needs, by all means use it. If rclone does better, use it.

I would not go near PlexGuide as that's not my thing but to each their own.

Its been years, I was fairly sure it was API bans, but could have been quota limits, whichever was the one you had to wait until midnight to reset lol and yes this would have been late 2017 early 2018 time frame.

So it may have been the lack of chunked reading causing the earlier issues, thank you.

API quotas are 1 billion per day. You don't get banned over going over quotas.

You don't get banned for anything minus illegal content/TOS violation.

You do have daily quota limits for upload and downloads, which reset / are rolling over a 24 hour period.