Best mount method for automatic renaming and organising of media files?


I have a lot of media on my Rclone encrypted google drive and it is a bit of a mess. I would like to use a tool to automatically rename and organise.

If I have make a webDAV server, I can move and rename pretty quickly manually, and it seems reliable. I select all the files for a show, and move them to a folder with the name of the show and then go to that folder and do the same for each season.

I am, however, worried about doing this with an automated tool like filebot.

Has anyone done this? Any advice for best mount settings and renaming/organising tool?

i suggest using rclone mount, which will make the crypted gdrive remote appear as local storage.
so you can use filebot or any other such tool.

it would something like
rclone mount gcrypt: /path/to/local/dir

and you would point filebot to /path/to/local/dir

I use FileBot before I upload, but every once in a while I miss something and have to run it on the (non-cache) mount. It works exactly the same, just a little slower.

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