Best cloud case sensitive host for rclone?

Hello there guys,
I have a cheap vps which I mainly use for storage, however I have been wanting to back the data I have on that vps to a cloud storage, just in case the hdd on the vps dies.
There are about 8000 files in there, equating to about 2tb data, mainly either .zip files or .mp3 files.
The server is running Fedora 28 64bit if I am not mistaken.
There's one problem though, many files in there have the names such as Hello.mp3 and hello.mp3, so I am looking for a host that's not too costly, and would allow rclone to upload both the Hello.mp3 and the hello.mp3 files without any issue or changing the names, for example.
Which hosts would you guys recommend and why?
Please keep in mind I would really prefer the cloud host be as inexpensive as possible.
Thank you.

Take a look here:

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Hello there,
Thank you for the post, I do see a few hosts that support the feature I am after, that is case sencitativity.
Which of this would be good in terms of speeds? costs etc?

Its a shame to see that dropbox does not support this feature, as that would have been very good to have, as dropbox uploads and downloads are by far the best I have seen. at least from what I have used of it.

You can turn a case insensitive host into a case sensitive host with the crypt backend. That shortens the maximum file name length available but that may be an acceptable compromise.

b2 and wasabi are both good value ($60-$70 /TB/year) and are case sensitive. If you buy 2TB of google drive storage you can get a similar rate too.

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welcome to the forum,

i haven been using wasabi for a long time and it supports case-sensitive filenames.
given that wasabi is s3 compatible, i would think any s3 provider would be the same.

wasabi, as with most cloud providers, offer a 30-day free trial.

How many TBs do yo store?

i use veeam to backup computers and servers.
i use rclone to sync that to wasabi.

3TB and growing

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