Best backup tool for windows?

What free open source tool app is good for backuping windows laptops and desktops, preferably compatible with rclone?
I like duplicati but its beta, sometimes all tasks disappear.

You can do this with rclone, and with a small amount of scripting get historical backups, snapshots etc. It isn’t as efficient as a dedicated backup program, but I like having my data mapped one file on my drive to one on the backup server!

Do you mean do a backup to a local network drive, then maybe use rclone to send that to the cloud?

Restic is pretty cool as a backup too.

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+1 for restic.
restic and rclone mutually support each other.

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I do exactly that and I have exactly the same opinion (file to file approach).

Using the --backup-dir option with date/time in the folder name creates perfect backups.

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