Best approach to move big files in Google Drive?

Hi guys,

Currently using the following command to move all my big files into one folder:

rclone -vv move orschiro:Files orschiro:TMP --disable copy,move --min-size 6M

This takes quite a while as I have many many small files to check against the file size.

Is there anything I can improve here to achieve what I need, i.e. moving all big files into a single folder?

Thank you!

It might be quicker to find the files first with

rclone lsf --min-size 6M orschiro:Files > large-files
rclone move orschiro:Files orschiro:TMP --disable copy,move --files-from large-files

As the lsf can use fast list.

Though just adding --fast-list to the move might be as effective.

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@ncw thanks very much! Going to try both approaches and see which one works better for me.


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