Behaviour of rclone with incomplete file transfer

I am interested in understanding how rclone behaviours when transfer is interrupted. I've seen from a few other forum posts that incomplete transfers are logged and re-uploaded in full on the next transfer. I had a check in the docs but couldn't see anything specifically on this. It would be great if I could be pointed in the right direction, or if this is not covered it docs, I think this would be a useful topic for future documentaion.

My specific question, when transferring files to target (this may be local filesystem, SSH or to Google drive / AWS) with rclone copy , how are incomplete file transfers handed, in particular with arguments --ignore-existing.

Are partial transfers kept on the target with some metadata to complete on next copy, or deleted? Are there any difference between managed failure (e.g. internet connection loss) and catastrophic failure (e.g. source PC power cut).


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There are no partial uploads.

If a file transfer is cut off, you'd have to reupload the whole file again.

Existing files are not re-uploaded if they haven't changed.

Thanks a lot for your answer. So under the hood, they files are uploaded to a temp directory and only moved if transfer is complete?

Generally no, they are uploaded the remote and nothing stored locally with very few exceptions as some remotes do act that way.

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