Bazaar and Rclone

I noticed that Bazaar seems to be super chatty in terms of making API hits. I don’t actually use it, but I’ve had it running for some time. I couldn’t figure out where the API hits were coming from and I spent some time tracking it back to Bazaar. It seems to analyze the files quite a bit. You can see the point in my quota when I turned it off today.


Just figured I’d share as if you do use Bazaar for subtitles, it is going to create some API traffic. That’s with 0 streams going on as well.

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Yeah I’ve tested it with all the different settings but it still keeps giving high API hits. So what I’ve done now is migrated to a Team Drive and created multiple API’s. So now I’ve mounted the same Team Drive with 2 users and each using their own API. Then I pointed my Emby/Plex to one API/User and Bazarr to it’s own API/User.

This solves the problem that in case an API ban occurs only Bazarrs stop working and I can still watch my media. Works very well so far.

I asked about this in the bazarr discord channel as I need subs for my better half. Apparently Bazarr scans for sub files only whilst using Sonarr and Radarr for video file information.

However there is a bug in the movies scan which causes it to scan every 5 minutes. It’s fixed in develop branch. Might give it a whirl again. Last time I tried it, it absolutely thrapped the API!

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Thanks for the info!! I just switched to the development branch to see how it works. Will report on it later.

Thanks so much for the tip. Normally Bazarr would cause about 180.000 API hits per day and with the dev branch it’s currently sitting at about 500!