Batching Renaming


I have some anime stored remotely on GDrive and would like to rename them into S##E## format instead of ###. I created a mapping and was able to do this with files that had consistent file naming scheme

for x in $(cat dbz_map.txt); do y=$(echo $x | grep -o -e ., | sed ‘s/.$//’) z=$(echo $x | grep -o -e ,. | sed ‘s/^.//’); rclone moveto GDrive:Anime/Dragon\ Ball\ Z/Dragonball.Z…$y.mkv GDrive:Anime/Dragon\ Ball\ Z/Dragon.Ball.Z.$z.mkv; done

Format for the mapping is just comma separated:

I ran into an issue where the episode has a unique value (episode title for example) after the episode number. I’ve tried using wildcards and filters and am not able to get this to work. It keeps telling me it can’t find the directory. When using a filter, it said it can’t move files on overlapping remotes.

Any ideas? Thanks :slight_smile:

Use filebot, it’s all you need

I guess I didn’t think to mount the remote. I’ve been using plexdrive so I completely forgot… :smile:

Thanks for pointing me to FileBot, I had no idea that existed.

Do you recommend any particular version? The current version (4.7.9) gets a java error when trying to execute the rename.

edit: FileBot (or the databases it uses) also can’t separate some shows into seasons, Naruto is a good example.

edit2: Figured out the error, had 32 bit java, needed 64.

I use 4.7.9 on Windows 7, with a samba share, and a linux VM with rclone mount

[Anime] Convert Absolute to SxE numbers is possible but might need some extra hints in ambiguous cases.