Basic Linux install - possible problems

I am using the latest Linux Mint and included rclone v1.50.2.
I did the plain vanilla install for OneDrive, ran the command
"rclone --vfs-cache-mode writes mount "onedrive": ~/OneDrive "
and got the expected result of mounting the drive in my OneDrive directory. I have a Calibre ebook library as the only data, and found that it was pretty slow. I only make small changes every few days, and when using Dropbox with their Linux app, I would just use rsync to update the dropbox directory. So I decided to try using "rclone sync" to update a static directory instead of mounting it. I exited from the mount command, and didn't run it again, and used the sync command which seemed to work fine.

OK, so then I thought I'd try mounting it again, to to do some more experimenting, so I started with an empty directory, ran the mount command, and most of the files showed up, but not quite all of them. Calibre complained about the database, so I compared the directory and found one of the missing folders on the mounted drive, and then went to the OneDrive website to see if it was missing there, as I know everything was right previously.

On the website, the file list was refreshing, and very hard to scroll. I disabled the mount command, in case it was causing problems. But it seemed to be missing a lot of files on the website, and after about 15 minutes, they were all gone.

I never deleted files on either the client or the server during this time. I can't imagine what caused all the files to start getting deleted. I didn't have any other computers running at the time, and nobody else would have been connected, I don't think - I have two-factor authorization enabled for the account.

So, my basic question is:
What would cause the remote files to start getting deleted? Is there any sort of background process running (by default) that I might not know about?

hello and welcome to the forum,

you are using an old version of rclone.

when you posted, you were asked questions.
please post the answers to all the questions, so we can help you.

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