Bandwidth limitation on mega


It seems there is a bandwidth limitation while using mega.
All downloads are limited at 1MB…

Do you have the same problem ?



There is a thread on reddit with similar complaints:

So, there would be a problem of ? A limitation of download ?
It is not a problem of rclone (I’m sure that no, but I prefer ask…)


I would guess it is Mega deliberately limiting download speeds.

Mega is, by far, the worst cloud storage IMHO. Try One Drive, Google Cloud Server.

I have the same problem. I think is problem with overload (bandwidth) server in this time.

Example im downloading 25 files, sometimes only 3 download at 1MB/Seg others at 15-20 MB/sec. Maybe this files are in different servers.

Answer from the support :

Dear MEGA user,

Thank you for your support and for using MEGA!

We do not recommend any third-party tools. Our onsite download is already using multichannel downloading. The Internet Download Manager, JDownloader or any other third party download client have not been approved or authorized by MEGA and should only be used at your own risk.

Also, these foreign tools cannot detect your quota and could limit your bandwidth.

To manage your transfers, the best way is to use MEGAsync - our desktop sync and download/upload client. It can be download here:

From MEGAsync interface, click the gear icon at the top-right corner and select “Import links” from the dropped-down list.

Maybe, as Alfred says, a temporary problem with an overload.
The first month I use, all was perfect…


The problem arent third-party tools, because i used to use official client of mega, on linux, and always the limit for some files wast 1 MB/s

i’m not experiencing the same behavior…
if I download the same file with the native megaCMD on linux, with mega-get for example, this is very fast.
But with rclone, the same file is limited to 1MB…

Confirmed, the problem is:


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