Bandwidth Limit Timetable Conflicts

Suppose I pass this option to rlcone:

--bwlimit "Mon-08:00,10M Mon-12:00,off Mon-12:00,5M"

What will the bandwidth limit be at noon on Monday: unlimited or 5M? And what is the general rule for resolving conflicts like this? (Is it "last entry wins", "first entry wins", "undefined which wins", etc?)

I know this seems dumb—"just don't write your timetable that way, idiot". But I'm building a UI and need to know the details about how conflicts are handled so that I can sanitize user timetable inputs, if required. Thank you!

You can imagine a UI that is a table of "rules", like this (where each item in brackets is a popup button with options):

- On [Monday] from [08:00] to [12:00], limit bandwidth to [10 MiB/s]
- On [Monday] from [12:00] to [17:00], limit bandwidth to [5 MiB/s]

Because the UI offers "windows" of time (e.g. 8-12), the literal translation of the above to rlcone syntax would be:

--bwlimit "Mon-08:00,10M Mon-12:00,off Mon-12:00,5M Mon-17:00,off"

The Mon-12:00,off is superfluous in this case, but if I can pass it as above, that GREATLY simplifies the parsing/validating I must do when processing the user's rules. I can always just pass a start and end entry; I don't need to figure out if the end entry overlaps with whatever the next entry is, then modify them to remove the overlap, etc. If rlcone already does that work, I don't want to duplicate it.

I think the last entry wins.

If you want to see exactly how rclone interpreted a bwlimit command then use the RC API to read the config back as JSON and you'll see it expanded I try think.

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