Bandwidth limit and parallel connections

I have tried --bwlimit=“02:00,off 08:00,512”

From what I understand, that should limit rclone’s upload to 512KByte/sec from 8am to 2am, but according to nethogs, it doesn’t. I get north of 800KBytes/s.

I know rclone uses 4 parallel connections, so should I use 128 instead? (512/4)

Also, am I right to assume it will only limit rclone’s process and not the entire machine’s bandwidth?


If you run with -v do you see INFO : Starting bandwidth limiter at 512kBytes/s?

Which cloud provider are you using?

No, the limit is the total.


Thanks for the reply,
Yes, I do see it in the logs, but the timing seems wrong:
2017/07/04 01:17:03 INFO : Starting bandwidth limiter at 512kBytes/s

It should be off from 2:01am to 8:00am and on from 8:01am to 2:00am, right?

edit: cloud provider is Google Drive

The limit should be unlimited for 02:00-08:00 and 512kBytes/s from 08:00-02:00

When you started rclone at 01:17 that is within 08:00 to 02:00 so the limiter will be on.

BTW when measure bandwith make sure you are measuring Bytes/s not Bit/s