uses rclone

i saw a post from a first time poster who is using, a commercial company.

so i look it up and found it uses rclone


That's pretty cool. Thanks for sharing.

Given its power and permissive MIT License, I am actually surprised we don't see more commercial companies using rclone in their products. Or maybe we do and they don't advertise it.

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Hey @asdffdsa

Thanks for sharing these links! I'm one of the founders of Bakup :slight_smile:

We're always looking to engage with people talking about Bakup, where did you see this first timer posting?

hello and welcome to the forum,

sure, glad to share.

this is the post.
perhaps start a conversation with the primary author, @ncw
and i assure you i do not profit financially from that...

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Cheers for the link, looking at the post it seems it was just a coincidence that he named his job "bakUP", as he wasn't using our product, unfortunately!

We would love to donate to rClone and other open source technologies in the future as they're immeasurably useful for both companies and users :slight_smile: Currently we're a new startup, so it's something we will look at down the line. Thank you for drawing our attention to this, @asdffdsa