Bad record MAC in logs

What does that error mean

2016/12/28 18:17:44 SZqOc11lYtC,OheiKSbVTzZQ/fJy9kyCbMWs01hmGQgTUBH,,/pKFpKNyjNMyRjIHfxSiGpNBeRpnWuFGFwE-raQmrv2ptIBdJLfjR9rw9Ab,dzY2UOBYr,rT72-JLXuek8QyY-,D5: Failed to copy: Post write tcp> write: broken pipe
2016/12/28 18:17:45 SZqOc11lYtC,OheiKSbVTzZQ/fJy9kyCbMWs01hmGQgTUBH,,/Rzd6zrO5QdVPn4FWS05hUO0fdTlZrSx34pt6VI-9fk2i6UKJUAlo7i2UHEniz,rXx1qiD8gzBdWgNiA6xPauoIJ2: Failed to copy: Post remote error: tls: bad record MAC

Iam copying my library from one gdrive to another one using
rclone copy gdrive2:/encrypted gdrive:/encrypted -c --no-traverse --no-update-modtime --transfers=100 --checkers=100 --log-file=/home/plex/logs/g2g.cron.log

Means that one of the TLS/SSL packets had an error in it.


This alert is returned if a record is received with an incorrect
MAC. This alert also MUST be returned if an alert is sent because
a TLSCiphertext decrypted in an invalid way: either it wasn’t an
even multiple of the block length, or its padding values, when
checked, weren’t correct. This message is always fatal and should
never be observed in communication between proper implementations
(except when messages were corrupted in the network).

It is probably a networking error of some kind, so I wouldn’t worry about it unless you get it a lot.