[Bad Idea]Anyone Try Mounting GDrive (RO) + ACD (RO) + Local (RW) in UnionFS?

So, I have been wondering this for a few days since I started backing all my stuff up (encrypted) to both ACD and GDrive:
What would happen if you stack both ACD and GDrive (both with the same directory/file structure) as read only, then Local as write (and eventual upload to both ACD & GDrive), into a single UnionFS directory?

I would hope that both ACD and GDrive would each get queried, then the first to respond would begin the stream, leaving the second as a failure, but I’m not sure by any means. I’m thinking this may result in more stability for PLEX, seeing how about 30% of the time I have failed streams with ACD + Local by itself.

I will be able to test this theory in a few days once my ACD and GDrive are in sync, but for now, it’s just pondering.

I’m quite sure the way UnionFS works is that it will query the junctions in order. So if you put local first, it will go there, then ACD, then GD

I do not believe UnionFS allows you to poll from two different junctions at the same time (assuming the file exists on both).


Good info there.

Even this way, though, would still give a better result, wouldn’t it? If a stream to ACD fails, GDrive would pick up next, or the other way around. Either way, the stream starts, albeit a bit later… or am I still dreaming?

I could envision a failure response being sent from the cloud provider, and that just be the end of the attempt…

Doesn’t quite work that way either.

If you mount both ACD and Gdrive and let’s say ACD falls off the map (gets unmounted) then yes, it would pick up the Gdrive files. But if for example the files are still present in the mount, but can’t be read / issues reading / slowness, then it will not go to read them off Gdrive.

A good example is a typically Google Ban wihen using rclone and Plex. If you mounted a UnionFS with Google first and ACD second and you got banned from Gogole, the files are still present (they just can’t be read/downloaded) so whatevever is trying to access the files would not be able to, as UnionFS would still present those files, as they are being presented to UnionFS via the rclone mount point.

If you were to kill the rclone mount point, unmount the folder, then the reads would happen via ACD.

If you want to get really into the weeds and technical with scripting, I guess you could have a script check every X interval to see if it can read/download a file from Google Drive, if it fails, unmount and let ACD take over.

Meh, I could go into the weeds with this, but it doesn’t sound like I’m going to get what I was hoping as a result. Maybe half of it. Darn.

Thank you, Stokkes for all the info. Definitely helps to know this stuff.