Backup transfer and encryption

I just started to use Rclone and found it a wonderful tool. While trying to use it for backup operations, I have 2 questions related to:

  1. Transfer
    Is there any way to speed up data transfers for instance by zipping locally, transferring and then unzipping while on remote rather than sending the raw files?

  2. Encryption
    What type of encryption features can be used with Rclone to encrypt data and protect them first during transfer as well as encrypt them on the remote location to prevent direct access to the data?

Sure. You can do that as it does help as with Google Drive as an example, you can only create about 2-3 files per second as that is an API limitation.

Almost all connections in transit is going to be encrypted so data in transit is encrypted minus like the serve ftp backend which is plaintext and maybe 1-2 others. All your normal cloud provider remotes are going to be encrypted in transit.

The crypt backend can sit on any other one and encrypt the directory/files as I use that on top my Google Drive remote:

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