Backup over more cloud storage

I have the following question.
Everything is just an example.

Let's assume I have a 500 GB file.
And have 5 cloud storage with 200 GB storage each.

Is it possible that I get the 500 GB file backed up with rclone.


First you combine all cloud storages using union overlay and add chunker overlay on top to split large files into chunks.

Something like this:




type = union
upstreams = remote1:dir1 remote2:dir2 remote3:dir3
action_policy = epall
create_policy = mfs
search_policy = ff
cache_time = 120

type = chunker
remote = union_remote:
chunk_size = 500Mi
hash_type = sha1all
name_format = *.rcc###

and then:

rclone copy /path/to/mydata chunker_remote:

hello, thank you, i will test it.

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