Backup large images and videos on Backblaze

Right now I have a crontab in Ubuntu server

0,30 * * * * rclone copy -P /data/images bb2:image >/dev/null 2>&1

But This seems to create tons of Class C transaction [23,403,516 times List File Names]
It already generated $98 in a week When there's no download yet !

What do I do to reduce the charges ? I just now added a line --fast-list to the crontab But not sure if it's going to work as I expect

Can someone help me to just copy new added files from My server and no need update the existing files on remote ?
It create 2,310,330 in just few hour because there's about 5,052,359 images

--fast-list should help a lot. It uses the much more efficient (in terms of transactions) recursive listing but it trades that off with using memory while it is running.

Assuming your new files have a new timestamp you can copy files newer than 1 hour efficiently like this

rclone copy --max-age 1h --no-traverse -P /data/images bb2:image

The --max-age selects the files you want and the --no-traverse tells rclone not to list the remote directory, just to list the individual files as needed.

You can then do a full sync less often.

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