Backup from multiple source folders or single local backup

I ultimately want to backup specific folders, in various locations, to a local external HD and to BB using rclone.

I already have a daily job that does the local backup to the external HD.

At this point I am thinking I can do one of:

  • backup from the single source of the external HD
  • backup from the multiple internal specific folders

Wanted to see what folks thought would be the best?


that is a complex answer and without really understanding your use-case, no one can give you an answer.
but i can share some thoughts about how i handle backups of important data.

  1. find the weak links
    --- external hard drive.
    --- using just a single application for all backups.

  2. minimize dependence on those weak links.
    --- use multiple tools.
    ------ local to local - use any backup tool
    ------ local to BB - use rclone
    --- copy from each source to the final dest, minimzing use of the weak links.
    ------ copy source.A -> HD
    ------ copy source.A -> BB
    ------ copy source.B -> HD
    ------ copy source.B -> BB

  3. with rclone, consider

  • --backup-dir with a timestamp for the folder.
  • copy using --immutable
  1. lock down BB, use MFA, versioning and whatever else you can enable.
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I am using a script I wrote that is rsync based for the local to external HD backup.

But your 2nd sub bullet in #2 answered my question.

I wasn't sure if I should do:

  • local > external HD and then external HD to BB or
  • local > external HD and then local > BB

And you raise a good point. If the backup to external HD was corrupt then I'd be copying corrupt data to BB. Ergo better to go with the second

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