Backup entire vps with rclone

I'd like to backup my entire vps to my google drive with some excluded directories such as /usr/bin and of course my /mnt/media rclone mount and my torrent directories.
essentially backing up my /var/lib/plexmediaserver, various things in /etc and such.

Ideally it's backup everything the first time but every other time it runs, just upload/update the newest versions of files that were changed.

Anyone doing this or have any recommendations?

You don't wanna back up your Plex data, as there are often hundreds of thousands of files (depending on your library content). If you want to retain your watched status, you can do that via a different way.

For backing up system related things, I use Duplicati which plugs right into Google Drive as it is a backup tool and also free.

I make a copy of my 'root' disk every day using rsnapshot to another disk and I really want to back up my plex / emby data as I rather be able to restore that. It's less about the watched status and more about the metadata for my library. Backing that up directly to the cloud would be prroblematic / slow and not an easy restore since it's a lot of small files.

felix@gemini:/var/lib/plexmediaserver/Library$ find . -type f | wc -l

For my daily backups, I use rsnapshot, which I have configured to keep a daily snap which happens at night and I keep 7 days worth of that.

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