Backup-dir google drive quota

I'm currently doing a regular copy between two google drive remotes, I am using copy so I don't delete anything on the destination just in case something goes wrong on the source. I manually run a dry run sync, check the logs and then run a sync every once and a while to process the delete operations.

I'm trying to work out if I can remove the manual sync step from this process safely using backupdir so deleted files are moved to another directory.

So I am running something like this:

rclone copy remote1:path remote2:path

And I'm thinking of doing this:

rclone sync remote1:path remote2:path --backup-dir=remote2:path_backup/%date%

The potential changes exceed the maximum transfer daily limit in google drive, so just want to check if it starts to fail because it hits the daily limit - the files in the destination aren't deleted until they are successfully moved into the backupdir?

What happens with --backup-dir is when you come to upload a file and there is already a file of that name, rclone will move it into the backup dir then start the upload. So if the upload fails the file will be in the backup dir for definite.

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