Backblaze Personal and rclone

I’ve got an Ubuntu Server computer running with 3TB of RAID storage. I use it to back up photos and other important documents. I used to use Amazon Drive, but now that they banned rclone I’m going to be looking for something different. Backblaze looks like a pretty good application to use, but I had a question. It looks like they have a “personal backup” thing for $5/month (, which is the same price as Amazon Drive. The personal backup option doesn’t have a limit to how much data can be uploaded, and you get free downloads. It would be cheaper for me to get that instead of B2 Cloud Storage after the total size of my stuff exceeds 1TB. In fact, it might be better to just get the personal backup option in case there are things that I need to download individually instead of getting a full restore with the B2 Cloud. Who knows.

Either way, my question is: will rclone work with the Personal Backup plan as well as the B2 Cloud Storage plan? Rclone is listed here in their integration page, but it isn’t clear if it’ll work for both plans:


I think for this personal plan you have to use their win or mac software and you can only backup one computer

This makes sense. Thanks.

Is that the actual difference between B2 and Personal? The latter allows you to download files individually whereas B2 is really more meant to just backup without regular retrieval?

I would like to go back on my word and say that you want to go with the B2 option. The personal backup only works for one computer and there is no cli option for it so you’re kinda in trouble if you want to back up a headless server. Otherwise the personal backup would be a good option if you have more than 1TB of data to store (because of the cost).

The personal backup is actually cheaper than B2 for data > 1TB?

Well almost. Personal backup is a flat $5/month but the backup is $0.004/gb/month. So if you have 1250GB you’re going to be paying the same amount. If you’ve got over 1250GB then you’d want to go with the personal backup (as long as it’s only 1 computer and the personal backup client is supported on the OS).

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Thank you! I have less than 1250GB and use Linux. Thus B2 is the better option for me. :slight_smile: