Backblaze B2 settings?

I’m backing up 700GB/400,000 files, the bulk of it “cold storage” with a daily churn of about 10-20GB. I was using ACD but after the kerfluffle I moved to B2. I know there is currently a bug with B2 and rclone encryption but I don’t know if that is the cause of what I’m seeing.

The “Daily Class C Transactions” is around 363,052. Since only the first 2,500 are free, it costs about $2/day in transactions, not very cost effective.

Is it the encryption with B2?

Is it just the number of files I have doesn’t work with their cost structure and I should move to someone else?

I think I read somewhere that you should use the old-sync-method with b2…

Found it:

Went out of town for a couple days for a wedding so didn’t get to try to set --old-sync-method until last night’s run. The “Daily Class C Transactions” dropped to just 2,046 so now we’re in the free zone.