Backblaze 5$/m and rclone mount?

Have anyone use the backblaze 5$/m Backup Plan in combination with His Software and rclone mount as source for the Backup?

There is NO API to access the personal backup data.

Yes, i know. So there my idea was to Set the source dir the Backup to an rclone mounted drive

Every mount is NOT a local drive. Therefore it won't work.

MacOS and Window provide easy options to detect the type of drive. Most likely this is one of the reasons there is no linux client for blackblaze.

It seems Crashplan may support your scenario, it also has a linux client. There is also an unsupported tutorial on their site.

Should be also 5$ with a yearly payment.

Backblaze is a joke. You can only select DRIVES to back up and you can’t unselect “c:”. They are blubbering about how you can’t trust anybody and why you should encrypt and the only way to restore is to give them the key! Restoring is a whole fuss anyway. They keep your backups for only 30 days which really might not be enough to realize that you’ve done some mistake and deleted the wrong folder or you have some corruption or something.

Crashplan just works even if they have an old outdated java app. You can select anything, you will have your full backup history going back years if that’s what you want, runs on anything (I think even on arm linux!!). Restore from the app is painless and quick and it can resume if needed (you can even shutdown computer and it will just continue tomorrow without any intervention). HOWEVER the backup is slow (most users are reporting only a few Mbits/s) and there is a rumor on Reddit that they might be closing the personal backups any time soon.

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Do you have a link to the discussion on reddit?

Sure, I’ve got it from another forum as I don’t really get Reddit :slight_smile:

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Okay and the new mount Feature for Windows? I have Seen that the mount ist locate to an real Drive Letter (for example G:\ )

Every network drive has a letter.

Software can just probe the hardware specs from the kernel, which will tell if it is a real disk or a virtual one.

I’d suggest you go ahead and use the free trial from BackBlaze, back up whatever you have on the local drives (maybe 100GB, maybe 1TB, whatever). Then you’ll see why BB isn’t really fit for backing your many TBs mounted with rclone (even if you would trick it into starting to do so).

So, since CrashPlan ends personal accounts, what’s an alternative to backup an rclone mount?

I’ve found the following that could replace it. Has anyone tried any of these?

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Why not use rclone to back up the original source to one of the supported providers? That will be more reliable and efficient than trying to back up a mount.

Because the providers that exist for the purpose of backing up your files are super-cheap.
For example crashplan can backup your unlimited files for $10/mo. You just tell it to backup your mounted EDU GDrive which isn’t a reliable cloud at all (it can’t be disabled in any moment).

I see - thanks for the explanation.

I think i found a way to get it into Backblaze …

I wrote a script witch opens rclone under windows with system credentials … with this trick the mounted volume (Letter) comes up as Windows drive that can be shared (normal CIFS-Share in LAN). Works really good … and sharing under windows is not possible under normal user credentials with rclone, so i looked for a trick to do that …

Side effect : i get the Letter (rclone mount) displayed in my Backblaze trial … (C:/X:/) and it can be selected …

I did not test a backup … but it begins to scan the Rclone drive and wants to write a backblaze index file on my rclone drive … ready to test ? 8)

Put everything in a reachable path -my path is “c:\0.Rclone” - but it should work elsewhere

  1. Download psexec64 back and put it into the path (->

  2. Put Rclone with your config into the path

  3. Create the BAT witch calls rclone under system credentials with help of psexec64.exe :

@Echo off
Echo Cloud-Mounter V1.0a - Generate System-CMD-Enviroment
Echo ```````````````````
set AKTLOCPFAD=%~dp0
Echo lokaler Pfad : %AKTLOCPFAD%
Echo Uebergebener Pfad an System-CMD: %AKTPFAD%
set "command=%~dp0PsExec64.exe -i -s -d CMD /c “%AKTPFAD%Mount.bat %AKTPFAD%”
echo Execute : %command%


IMPORTANT : start the BAT with right click -> start as administrator !

  1. Create the mount.bat script with following content :

@Echo off
Echo -------------------
Echo Cloud-Mounter V1.0a %date% %time%
Echo -------------------
REM Echo Pfadvariable : %1
cd %1
Echo Nach erfolgreicher Ammeldung erscheint das Cloud-Laufwerk auf ihren ausgewählten Laufwerk
Echo Bitte waehlen sie die Quelle : (a)mazon oder (g)oogle ?
set /p Auswahl= Auswahl:
if %Auswahl%==a goto a
if %Auswahl%==g goto g

Echo Bitte geben sie den freien Laufwerkbuchstaben an den wir verwenden wollen (Bsp.: X:)
set /p Auswahl= Auswahl:
Echo Starte Amazon Cloud Mount auf %Auswahl% …"
rclone mount --dir-cache-time 60m --config=./rclone.conf acdcrypt: %Auswahl%
REM --read-only

Echo Bitte geben sie den freien Laufwerkbuchstaben an den wir verwenden wollen (Bsp.: X:)
set /p Auswahl= Auswahl:
Echo Starte Google Cloud Mount auf %Auswahl% …"
rclone mount --dir-cache-time 60m --config=./rclone.conf gdrivecrypt: %Auswahl%
REM --read-only

This script asks if you want the mount under AMAZON unlimited or Google business unlimited …you can give the required Drive letter … and it mounts the drive …

You have to edit the rclone mount commands in script 2 …depending on your rclone.conf …

Sorry fpr the ultra bad code … but i’m not a programmer …8)

Maybe @ncw can implement a mount under system credentials direct in rclone … (giving windows user the feature to share mounts under windows in LAN)

Remarks :

  • Sometimes it is nessacerry to call psexec64.exe directly first time and accept EULA
  • script (psexec64) is 64 bit … you need a 64 Bit System
  • running the script first time sometimes fails … start it a second time
  • tell me …8)

Greetings …


Wow… I’ll definitely try this next week!

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This is possible in theory (I haven’t tried it myself though). From the docs:

It is also possible to start a drive from the SYSTEM
account (using the WinFsp.Launcher
which creates drives accessible for everyone on the system.


Hi ncw,

yep - i remembered that one … but never got behind that sentence …8)

Is it something what has to be integrated into Rclone (using WinFSP) - or something the “user” can do ?

Greetings - ultramany thanks for your work - and nice weekend …!

I use B2, It is one of the cheapest

  • 0.005 GB/host
  • 0.02 Download
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