B2 server side copy issue

I'm trying to make a copy of a 60 Gb bucket that is already in B2. I created the new bucket and I'm running:

rclone copy B2-storage:existing-bucket B2-storage:new-bucket

I expected to see:

INFO  : "file name": Copied (server side copy)

but copy is not being done server side, Rclone is downloading and uploading:

INFO  : "file name": Copied (new)

Additionally, I'm seeing some strange error messages for some files:

DEBUG : "file name": Can't copy - not same bucket

But these files are being copied ....

So there are two points:

  • server side copy is not running
  • these weird messages.

This is the server side copy routine in b2 saying it can't copy between buckets.

They are using the fallback path with download and upload.

However b2 recently upgraded the API so that you can copy between buckets, so if you try the latest beta you should find that it does server side copy between buckets.

I did the code for this, but forgot to merge it!

If you try the latest beta in 30 mins you should find it supports server side copy between buckets.

See: https://github.com/ncw/rclone/issues/3303 for background

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Thank you Nick! It works perfectly with the new beta. :slightly_smiling_face:

I didn't know that the copy could not be made between different buckets with the previous B2 API version, I hadn't seen the issue on GitHub.

Excellent! It is a very simple addition to the API as far as rclone is concerned.

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