B2 "certificate signed by unknown authority"

I am testing a B2 account and set up a remote on my Ubuntu server at home and then copied my .rclone.conf to a WD Passport Pro Wireless (32 bit arm).

When I try to connect from the WD I get:

2018/10/24 08:39:50 Failed to create file system for β€œb2:”: failed to authorize account: failed to authenticate: Get https://api.backblazeb2.com/b2api/v1/b2_authorize_account: x509: certificate signed by unknown authority

rclone 1.44 on both systems.

I will now go and try to create a new remote from scratch on the WD natively and see if it’s a possible endianess issue, but otherwise I am lost and confused.

Hang on, openssl tells me I may have a proxy in the way. This may actually be correct. I love PKI.

The --no-check-certificate came in useful on this site. Since I am running a crypt layer over b2 anyway, this is acceptable for this instance (I need the bandwidth!)

Please consider this luser education …

You might find updating the SSL roots on the NAS helps. There is some related help here: https://rclone.org/faq/#rclone-gives-x509-failed-to-load-system-roots-and-no-roots-provided-error

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