Azure Files copy

I have started to play around with RCLONE but so far can’t really get it to work.
Trying to copy an Azure FIles\fileshare to another Azure Files\fileshare. Have setup 2 ‘remotes’ in the config file but even doing an ‘ls’ or ‘lsd’ on one of the ‘remotes’ I get ‘directory not found’. I’m only using the SAS key (which included the name.file,\sharename and the token).

What’s your config file look like without sharing the passwords and such?

When you say fileshare that isn’t blob storage - I think.

rclone only supports azure blob storage at the moment.

There is an issue for azure files which is I think what you are talking about, but I may be wrong!

Thanks - that is the feeling I was getting as well.

There is an issue about this already

If you add your support to it will move up the todo list!

unless you’d like to have a go at implementing it?

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