Azure Blob Storage Cold Access Tier


is it possible to use the --azureblob-access-tier on upload to set it to cold storage?

The documentation only descripes hot, cool and archive?

Thanks for the help!

Nope. Cold Azure tier was only made generally available last week:)

It should not be difficult to add it to supported tiers as it is only string value passed to/from Azure.

You have to look at making changes in:

Then submit PR.

Do not forget to update documentation as well.

Hi, thank you for your help. Sorry i have no idea how i can change that.

Could anyone please help me with that? Thank you so much for your support!

Try --azureblob-access-tier cold - I think that should work. If it does it is an easy change to add it to the configurator and the docs.

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It won't work as constants from sdk are used explicitly, e.g.:

Good news is that they implemented cold tier already so it should not be very difficult to add it to rclone.


Would love to have this feature too. And thank you for your time to look into supporting this!

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Sadly i have no idea of the Go-Language. Otherwise i could help. As i understand it is only a string that has to be passed on the upload. But the validateAccessTier has to be edited so that it would allow the Cold String.

Where are the constants blob.NameofTier coming from? I dont find it in the source code.

Thank you for your help!

Form Azure SDK:

which is imported into rclone azure remote implementation:

So you can use AccessTierCold constant in the same way how it is done for e.g. AccessTierCool

It looks that there are two places (+ documentation) where it has to be added:


Ok, i tried it but failed. In the V.1.1.0 of azblob there is no constant blob.AccessTierCold. So i think we need to wait a few days for the v.1.1.1 Version of it.

Do you agree or am i doing something wrong?

Thanks for you help

I think you are right. We need to bump azblob to v1.1.1 indeed.

Really thank you all for working on this. much appreciated!

When the constant appears on this page it can be made to work!

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