Azure Blob Backend Azure Arc Managed Identity Support HIMDS

Currently the azureblob backend only supports
msiEndpointDefault = "" and
imdsAPIVersion = "2018-02-01"

Azure Arc provides the functionality to use IMDS on machines not in the azure cloud but connected to it. The endpoint used on these servers is and version "2019-11-01"

Is it possible to expose these variables for configuration.

Here is an additional reference for himds

This currently isn't configurable.

Does it not work with the old API version? Did you try it? What does it do?

As a first step I'd change this in the source code and see if it works

Then we can have a think about how to make it configurable.

@ncw, thank you for looking at this request so quickly. I have tested changing the endpoint/API version in the source code and then realized that although the mechanisms appear similar the himds endpoint returns a path to a local file instead of the actual token. I will attempt to test using the oauthTokenManager code from azcopy as a reference azure-storage-azcopy/oauthTokenManager.go at main · Azure/azure-storage-azcopy · GitHub

I see you made an issue about this. Will move the discussion there :slight_smile:

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