Award winning designer willing to do the rclone logo

As the title says, I’m an award winning designer, and i’d be willing to do your logo free of charge as a thanks for creating such a great tool.

You can try.
Community will decide

You sure? isn’t that up to the owner?
i’d like to get some ideas and feedback
what i’d want to do is keep it extremely simplistic and mobile app style looking
off the top of my head without much thinking, maybe something in the file copy vein

This is only my personal opinion and I am in no way artistic nor involved in the rclone development, so please weigh accordingly!

I would think that a logo should convey what the product does. In this case, we’re talking about file copy/sync/moves and mounts of many different, incompatible cloud services. Since we’re talking about a logo and not a wall mural, I think something like multiple overlapping clouds with file(s) replicating to/from them.

something involving a could(s) would make sense.

Thank you for your kind offer. However we are in the final stages of implementing a new logo design for rclone at the moment which I’m very happy with - Sorry!

No worries at all
I’m glad to hear it

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