Avoid OpenDrive

So I paid for opendrive two months ago (paid for a year). And it often went offline leaving my backups inaccessible. When it did work, it was painfully slow - and a lot of the times, uploads would fail and rclone would be stuck in a loop re-uploading files. The download speed was also painful at about 150kb/s.

After finding and testing an alternative that seems to actually work, today I finally asked them to refund me the unused time as per their own terms (section 8) that states that refunds for unused time would be issued if due to technical issues on their end. They simply closed my account and are no longer answering me at this point. I guess I can assume they aren't going to honor their own terms.

Luckily I have all my support tickets for their service not working properly saved on my hard drive as they cut off my access to the support section of the website when they locked the account.

Now luckily I am fortunate that the $99 USD isn't going to break the bank - but I am sure there might be many students or people who need their hard earned dollars being put towards something that will work better for them to a service that fixes problems that arise and honors their own terms of use.


If you paid via credit card have you considered claiming it back through them?

You can attach the support log as evidence (well done for exporting that).