Available SRPMS or SPEC file

I would like to build my own RPM of the latest version of rclone. Will it be possible to share the SPEC file or add the SPEC to the github repo? Or the location used where the latest SRPMS can be downloaded?

@ncw is that something you are aware of?

What's the goal for the SRPM that isn't available via the RPM?

We don't actually build the rclone .rpm with a SPEC file.

It is built using a tool called nfpm which builds fairly minimal .rpms.

If you want to build your own from the rclone source you'll need to do something like this:

make release_dep_linux # to install nfpm
BUILD_FLAGS='-include "^linux/"' make cross # to build all the release packages

You will also need pandoc installed to make the man pages.

If you only want one linux arch, then add it like this

export BUILD_FLAGS='-include "^linux/amd64"' make cross

This should build the release packages in the build directory which includes the .zip/.deb/.rpm

Note that if you are building the current master then you'll need this commit 6e4dd2ab965b I just pushed so the docs build and you'll also need to be using go1.21 or go1.22.

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