Automatic config and cache

Hi … I’m new to rclone (and almost as new to Plex, which I’m trying to create). I’m hoping to use rclone to create a cache of Google Drive audio files. I’m on Ubuntu 16.04 using rclone v1.36.

Following the automatic config instructions (, I had hoped to see a cache option (5 / Cache a remote \ “cache”) in the list of storage types.

It’s not there. I’m not sure whether this is a not-too-subtle hint that caching has been withdrawn or that I need to manually build the rclone.config file. I do see some examples in posts to this forum.

(I’m having good success building a remote for Google Drive … it’s the caching I’m now trying to create.)

Can anyone offer advice?


That’s your issue…

Yes, update your version of rclone to the latest.

Much better … now working through other issues. Thanks!

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