Automate upload complete torrents in Google Drive using Qbitorrent

Hi. I want to know how to upload automatically complete torrents on google drive. Im using Qbitorrent client on a headless machine.

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most, if not all, torrent clients, can run a script after a torrent has finished downloading.
External programs: How to · qbittorrent/qBittorrent Wiki · GitHub

this is a guide about running qbittorrent headless, using a web interface
Running qBittorrent on the Raspberry Pi - Pi My Life Up

Hi thanks for the response. But i dont have any idea about scripting. But thanks for the idea.

first you have to install rclone
and then you have to create a remote for gdrive

I already have rclone mounted on my local storage. I usually use rclone move command to move files but i want to do it automatically when torrents is done. I see some client allowed this like Qbittorrent but i dont know how it works and configure it.

i shared a link about how to do it.

this is what to do with qbittorrent

and this is what the should look like
rclone move "$1" gdrive:

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What is the "$1" means?

when qbit has finished downloading the torrent, it will call
qbit will pass %D%N, which is the full path of the download file, to

$1 equals the first command line parameter, which would be the value of %D%N

Ohh I see. Does it move automatically when the torrent is seeding?

i think so as i was able to move the files.
really, i never used qbit before, i just installed it so i could help you and work in my linux skills.
you should be able to tell qbit not to seed torrents after the download has completed.

to disable auto-seeding
How to disable auto seed · qbittorrent/qBittorrent Wiki · GitHub

i wrote a very short guide to this

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