Automate backups for WordPress

I couldn't find a tool to automate WordPress backups with rclone, so I made this script. Initially, I just wanted an easy way to back up my WordPress sites to different cloud services without dealing with commands, cron jobs, or paying for other services.

The script is menu based, so you can just use option to add sites, manage backups, check existing ones, restore, and set retention periods, among other things. It handles the heavy lifting in the background using rclone for remote backups and wp-cli for WordPress database backups.

I've tested it with SFTP and Google Cloud Storage, but it should technically work with any service supported by rclone.


Can I be the first just saying WOW and thank you so much for this simple tool? :slight_smile:

I've been plagued for the past two decades with complex (and often expensive!) backup tools for WordPress, all of which are almost always initiated by a plugin that requires to be initialised inside WordPress. Your solution makes everything so much more useful due to its flexibility and independence of whatever WordPress is running on.