Auto-mount Rclone on Osx

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Sorry for my English, I am Spanish and it costs me a little.

I have installed rclone and I have mounted google drive correctly, but I want it to mount automatically when the Mac starts and even though I try methods that I have seen, I cannot. The code that I use in the terminal to mount it myself is the following:

rclone mount plex: / Users / x / Documents / plex

Some help?

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If you search the forum for launchd then you will find some examples.

Alas I don't have a Mac so can't help further.

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I have tried to create an executable file with the command that I have put above but it does not work for me, I do not know if it is necessary to put more lines to create the executable file

Your command looked OK to me.

How are you starting it?

Unfortunately I'm unable to reboot right now since I have a job running that is going to take the next 12 hours. But I am on OS X and have done this before. It should go something like this.

I would really suggest using TextMate for this and not TextEdit or anything like Pages or Word.

Now enter your mount command in TextMate and save it as a file with the command extension.

In the Terminal chmod +x the file you made in TextMate.

Now you can double click on the command file and it should spawn a Terminal window and your mount should appear.

In System Preferences add the command file to Login Items.

That should do the trick. I didn't actually test this with rebooting this time but I have done it before and it did work.

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Thank you!

I have already succeeded, I think my mistake was creating the .command file with TextEdit.

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