--attr-timeout vs --dir-cache-time

rclone v1.55.1
ubuntu 20.04 lts server
google cloud storage

rclone mount gcloud:test /gcloud -vv

whats is the difference between --attr-timeout and --dir-cache-time ?

what is the largest value for --attr-timeout ?
(the files are just with one instance of rclone)

Attributes is documented here:


Directory cache is documented here:


You can set either to as large or as small as you want depending on what you are trying to accomplish. The backend matters as a polling backend usually means a larger directory cache time.

with --dir-cache-time 6h would be sad --attr-timeout set to 1h?

It's really up to you one what you want to configure as I use the default of 1 second and since I use Google Drive, I use 1000h for my dir-cache time.

There isn't a set 'time' for any of this as it depends what backend you are using and what the use case is.

and witch --attr-timeout do you use in this case?

I use the default of 1 second so no parameter.

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That is what I'd recommend. --attr-timeout controls caching in the kernel - it doesn't cost much for the kernel to ask rclone and it makes sure that the kernel is never out of data with respect to rclone.

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