Attempts 2/3 xxxx : Can the Number of Attempts be changed?

Hello all,

i use rclone under debian bullseye to synchronize two remotes via sftp like so

rclone  sync first:restic second:restic

I like that rclone tries several attempts to copy stuff. In case of temporary problems it shows messages like these :

ERROR:   Attempt 2/3 failed with 1 errors and: corrupted on transfer: xxxx

I think I will start the rclone statement above in a systemd- Unit with restart on failure and that would get a reliable one-way synchronisation.

Question : Can the number of Attempts be changed ? Would it be possible to set it to 5 for example ? Would that make sense at all ?

Thanks for considering !


Yes see the --retries 5 flag. Note that it should really be called total tries that flag, but pass 5 for 5 total tries.

When rclone does a retry it retries the whole sync, so depending on why the sync is failing it might not give you more reliability.