Asking about seeding from google drive storage

Hi everyone,
I'm asking about seeding from google drive storage.
If I seed torrents by any torrent client from my google drive account storage.
Will Google ban my account?
I've asked many people, most of them told me than seeding torrents from google drive depends on API.
I want to know if I do this, will my goole drive account be in danger?

Cloud storage is a horrible use case for torrent as the way it works is sending chunks. It won't work well but I'm not aware of being banned for doing it.It would just suck.

I have a previous try with that.
It's working so good.
I've uploaded 356 GB per 12 hours when I seeded from google drive by utorrent .
I'm just afraid of banning the account.

I just wanna to know if this process is safe or dangerous for my google drive account.

Is it content against their terms of service? If so, yes that's would get you in trouble.

No, my contents on my google drive account are Videos such as arabic series, dubbed series, cartoon series & arabic movies.
I don't have any contents more that.
Are these contents against Google's terms of service?
**Please reply. **
Thank you for appreciation.

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