Ask how to adjust the rclone file transfer order

Hello everyone:
We all know that when rclone transfers a large number of files, it is transmitted sequentially according to the modification time. I would like to ask which parameter can adjust this transmission order, for example, to transfer the earliest modified file according to the modification time order, or according to the file size from large to small transmission. Thank you!

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That isn’t correct.

rclone transfers files in a mostly random order. It checks up to --checkers directories at once to find differences and queues them transferring --transfers at once.

The best you can do to get a deterministic transfer order is to set --checkers 1 and then rclone will transfer things in alphabetical-ish order.

There isn’t such a thing at the moment.

rclone could potentially order the transmission queue to make transferring smaller/larger earlier/later files more likely. It wouldn’t be a perfect solution but it would work reasonably well.

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